Local Apps Every Toronto Resident Should Use

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Local Apps Toronto Residents Should Use

Whether you're a working professional, a parent, or a student, your life is busy. Toronto is a big city, and it can take a lifetime to learn the tips and tricks of this city. Here are a few Toronto apps that will make your daily routines easier, help you find new places to wine and dine, or help you live like a local in no time.

Check out these local apps every Toronto resident should use.

Make Transportation Easy

Transit App

Whether you use public transit to make your daily commute, or you use it only on special occasions to meet friends at the bar, this handy app will let you know exactly when the next bus or streetcar is ready to arrive. It also includes information about where the nearest stop is located, prioritizes relevant routes, and includes alternate routes and estimated arrival times.

Toronto Parking Finder

Anyone who has ever lived in a city will be more familiar with the struggle of finding parking than they would like to be. Especially if you have to venture into the downtown core of the city, you will have to face the challenge of scarce, expensive parking.

The Toronto Parking Finder tries to streamline your search for parking by letting you know where parking is available. It also lets you know where free parking options are available. To help you dodge parking tickets, it also includes a timer that displays how much time is remaining on your meter. This app is for Android only, but another great alternative is Green P Parking. That app will also let you pay for parking on your phone with your credit card or PayPal account.

Have Fun in Toronto


Toronto is well loved for its artistic culture and its live music performances. Jukely is perfect for those who love to regularly catch a live show and hear new bands. Jukely requires its members to pay a $25 monthly subscription, but after you pay for the subscription, you have free access to concerts throughout the area. This is fantastic for those who want to catch a show every weekend and love to hear a variety of new bands in the area.


For those who love to try new places on their lunch break, Ritual is a must. This Toronto app allows you to place orders and pay for your food in-app. You’ll receive a notification when your meal is ready, and all you have to do is pick it up once your lunch break starts. No line-ups and no need to rush back to the office if the service is slow. This app is handy for those who want to delight in a delicious quality meal and have little time to spare in their busy schedule. 

Street Food Toronto

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular. Tacos, noodles, hot dogs, and more can be bought at different food trucks, and some of them are nothing short of phenomenal. Street Food Toronto not only allows you to keep track of where your favourite food trucks are, it also allows you to search for food vendors that are near your location.

Day-to-Day Helpers


Depending on which neighbourhood in Toronto that you live in, there can be a lot of options when it comes to buying groceries. Cabbagetown and Kensington, in particular, are known for having plenty of grocery shopping options. While most of us tend to develop a preference for one store in particular, it’s nice to know that you’re getting the best deal. GroceryGo performs a price comparison of items to help you figure out which store can offer you the best value for your money. This app includes most major grocery stores.

Weather Underground

The weather in Toronto changes rapidly. As such, you’re going to want to have a reliable weather app where you can track the forecast by the hour. Weather Underground offers the typical information about precipitation and temperature, but it also includes additional information about wind speed and the moon.

Bunz Trading Zone

What once began as a Facebook group has now grown to an app. Bunz Trading Zone is a community where people trade new or used objects they don’t need or use for objects that they do need. You can find nearly everything on Bunz Trading Zone: from cars to services, from clothes to books... to anything else you can think of. For a savvy shopper, this is a fun way to get some new gear.

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