March 2018

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Buying an Older Toronto Home

Custom detailing, durable building materials, classic architecture, old-world charm, and historical relevance; all are reasons that many home buyers opt to invest in an old home. While there are many reasons to invest in an old Toronto home for sale, there are also many considerations not to be taken lightly.

Be sure to ask these questions before buying an older home in the Greater Toronto Area:

When was the last home inspection done?

When it comes to purchasing an older home, a home inspection is invaluable. An experienced home inspector will be able to spot many potential problems including lead pipes, unsafe electrical, a failing septic system, unsafe well water, mold, termite damage, and more. Any one of these could impact the sale price

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Get excited about Sugar Wharf condos for sale

The Toronto real estate market is about to get even more exciting with the introduction of a magnificent new condo development called Sugar Wharf. Located at 95 Lake Shore Boulevard East in Toronto's waterfront area, the Sugar Wharf condos for sale are a more affordable housing option in the heart of this amazing city. Start from the high $400,000s, these exciting condo units will start pre-selling this spring. The final completion date of the building itself is set for 2022.  

Sugar Wharf is a building like no other in the Toronto real estate market. Menkes developments Ltd. has gone to great lengths to ensure that some of the LCBO headquarters buildings, which is a heritage site, have been incorporated into the development plans of this stunning

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Century 21 Unveils Its Bold New Brand

Since it was established in 1971, Century 21® has prided itself on its dedication to offering home buyers and home sellers excellent service. The company has grown to include approximately 8,000 locations in 80 countries across the globe. For years, the familiar gold and black logo with the simple golden house was where people turned to when they needed assistance with a home sale or purchase.

Now, Century 21® is excited to reveal its bold new brand. The design is simple, modern, and elegant: just like today’s buyers. 

Like the original Century 21® logo, the new brand incorporates the black and gold colors; however, the tones are more muted, and the new circular logo is visually much simpler than the house depicted in the old logo. The new logo

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Any resident of Toronto can tell you, housing is in high demand. As more and more people are attracted to Toronto by promising jobs, post-secondary education opportunities, and the vibrant culture of the community, more homes are needed. Space is the major limiting factor, but as places to live become increasingly more valuable, the other limiting factor for many tenants becomes price.

In an attempt to help landlords and tenants form legal, easily understood, consistent lease agreements, Ontario is rolling out its new Standardized Lease Agreement, and here is what you need to know.

Ontario’s new Standardized Lease Agreement intends to help both tenants and landlords

Prior to the document’s creation, there was no single lease agreement that

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